Hi, we’re A.M. Money. Nice to meet you. So you’re in school and need some extra cash to get through. You’ve exceeded the amount you can take in government loans and for better or worse your parents, family and community just can’t help. You’ve read a lot online about what not to do. Your counselors, friends, and family have all told you that private loans are a big no-no! The interest rates are too high, you don’t get the same deferment programs, and basically they’re all sharks.

We know it sounds cheesy, but A.M. Money is here to shake things up and if we happen to revolutionize student lending along the way so be it!

How are we different? We don’t play around when it comes to your interest rate, there’s no up and down balloon rates, just a strong fixed rate that you can feel comfortable with. We offer repayment programs that include deferment if you need it. We don’t require a co-signer or even impeccable credit. We get it, you’re in school and its difficult to own a home, hold down a job, or do any of the other ridiculous things most banks and private loans ask of you. We also understand that for some students a co-signer is hard to find, and for some parents, the idea of being on the hook is scary. So we decided to make things simple. We believe that student loans should be about investing in students - you made it this far, the last thing we want to see is a student drop out, take time off or even skip out on an incredible opportunity like study abroad because of money.

So now that you know how we’re different (and cooler than the rest), let’s chat about what we look for in a student. For right now, we’re giving loans to upperclassmen only. Since we don’t require co-signers or high credit scores, we aim at loaning to students who have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Currently we’re only working with a group of eligible schools in Illinois but we plan on expanding soon, like very very soon!

The process is pretty simple - we’ll ask you some preliminary questions, much like those that we went through above. We’ll send you over a one-page application if you get qualify (no worries it’s all online, no fax machines here). In that application we’ll ask for a copy of your unofficial transcript and the aid package you received for this year. The total approval time is ~24 hours and you can see the money in your school account by the end of the week!

So now that you have the gist of it, and then some, what are you waiting for? Apply today, get approved based on how awesome you are at dominating school, and get on with your future!