Many students find themselves owing different borrowers without realizing it by the time they graduate. Different borrowers have different interest rates and repayment plans available. So it’s not only easier and simpler to owe one borrower but can also be financially advisable to consolidate different loans and get a better interest rate or repayment plan.

In the past decade many different services have popped up to help students do just this. A.M. Money tries to stand out by taking on your student debt and helping you consolidate without a co-signer or credit necessary.

We are also different in that we value information. With that being said here is an article written by US News on loans in 2018 - so you know it’s recent. They go through

Why are we showing you this? Because we know that once you read through, see the advantages and disadvantages and some of our competitors, you’ll come back. We’ll just come out and say it, we’re better. We treat people the way we’d like to be treated, as smart, informed, human beings. So read up and reach out if you need us. We’ll be right here waiting.