Credit Check Disclaimer

We Will Request a Consumer Report: By submitting this application, you acknowledge that this is an application for credit, and that we and our servicer may obtain one or more consumer reports about you to assist us in verifying your identity and determining your creditworthiness.

In connection with submitting your application, we will conduct what is known as a "soft" credit inquiry to evaluate your eligibility for credit. This "soft" inquiry may be recorded on your credit report but does not affect your credit score.

If your application for a loan is approved and you enter into a loan with A.M Money, LLC, you also agree that we may conduct a credit inquiry (known as a "hard credit pull" or "hard credit inquiry") and obtain additional credit reports and other information about you in connection with updates, renewals, extensions, account review, collection activity, to analyze student outcomes or any other legitimate purpose. Upon your request, you will be informed of whether or not we obtained a consumer report and if so, the name and address of any consumer reporting agency from which we obtained your consumer report.

You also certify that all information submitted on this application is true and complete. You agree that we, our servicer and/or our agents/assigns may verify the information in this application by, including but not limited to, obtaining credit reports, contacting your employer(s) or services to verify employment and income and confirming your enrollment and loan amount with your school.

You authorize and instruct A.M Money, LLC to obtain and use consumer reports and other personal information, such as employment and income information, about you from time to time to analyze program performance at an educational institution and assess lending decisions associated with such programs.