College is hard enough without having to worry about Money

We know how it is to juggle your finances as a college student. You’re barely scraping by, and that’s before life kicks in: books get lost, computers get stolen, cars break down, roommates move out.

These things happen.

For some people, these are minor inconveniences. For others, these can be catastrophic.

You’ve worked too hard to let a an unexpected financial shock derail your college success.

So why take that risk?

Our New Day College Saver helps you manage your up-front college expenses while helping ensure you have the slack you need to handle any unexpected expenses. As an added bonus, we help you build your credit for any future needs you may have during or after college.

HOw it works

  • Our banking partner lends you $500 for any upfront college expenses such as books, lab fees, security deposits etc
  • We then put $2000 into an FDIC insured bank deposit for any qualified emergency expense.
  • You pay $65* a month until you graduate from school, covering the loan amount, with every payment reported to the credit bureaus to build your credit score.
  • The full amount is returned to you at Graduation, with any unused portion returned to you when you graduate, with interest

Why The New Day College Saver

  • The Peace of Mind to know that a few hundred dollars can't derail your college success
  • Our rates are dramatically lower than what you can get on the open market.

  • We help you build your credit score, so you are free to get better products whenever you may need it.
  • We’ve been there. We’ve worked our way through college, we know what it’s like. Our support staff, and community managers will be there to not only support you when you need it, but build a plan to make sure you stay on track to realize your goals.